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Unlike Biology and Physics, students find it hard to understand Chemistry because it is not a subject that they can relate to everyday life easily....
97 Lectures
A Math is essentially easy if hard work is put into the subject matter. It is a subject whereby a good strategy from a coach, can save the student ...
115 Lectures
Most students find mathematics difficult to understand because the lessons are more complicated and require computation work not normally required ...
211 Lectures
Ever felt like chemistry at A-level is all Greek to you? Ever felt like giving up? Ever felt like pressing on but just can’t do it alone? Having th...
119 Lectures
O-level elementary mathematics (E-Maths) can be said to be the most important subject that any student will take. This is because it is a determini...
83 Lectures
Our Combined Physics lesson delves into the principles governing the physical world. Students explore mechanics, studying motion, forces, and energ...
2 Lectures
Our Combined Science Chemistry lesson explores the foundations of chemical principles. The curriculum covers atomic structure, bonding, and the per...
3 Lectures
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